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1959 Edsel Ranger Convertible
1960 Edsel Ranger Convertible

Okay, not a '59 and not a '62. Latest word is that this is a 1960 model, and if that's not right I can blame it on someone else. At least I knew it was the end of the production run, because it does not have the traditional "horse collar" grill of the earlier models.

I have received this message of verificarion from Andrew Mace, President and 10/Herald/Vitesse (Sports 6) Consultant, Vintage Triumph Register <>, (How's that for a spot, Andy?):

"That's a '60 model year (although I believe production of Edsels actually ended before the beginning of calendar year 1960). There were, I think, well under 200 of the convertibles built for the 1960 model year (I'd have to look it up, but 130+ sticks in my mind for some reason)."

And then when he looked it up, Andy had this to say: "Turns out I was right and I was wrong. _The Standard Catalog of American Cars_ confirms that the car is a 1960 model, but according to that source, only 76 convertibles were built for the 1960 model year -- much fewer than I thought!"

The owner was pleased to discover that replacement parts are readily available in America, when he got delivery of a starter motor overnight at a local auto parts store in Canada.

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