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Acadiana Sportscar Orphanage - Retail speed shop for sports and enthusiast vehicles - (not a workshop) - Looks like lots of stuff for Datsun/Nissan Z-cars, very little fof vintage British cars.

414 Laport St (maybe)
Abbeville, LA

Ph: 866-638-2726 (maybe)

Website -

I probably shouldn't waste time on this, but I will, because it has already wasted a lot of my time and resources. I'm not a customer, was just trying to verify existnce of this supplier, presumably in Abbeville, LA. I had a street address and a phone number, no idea now where I got them. I drove to the address and found and empty house. Called the phone number and got some solicitation service. Did some web research and looked at their web site. Snappy web site. They would like you to buy something of course, but no street address and no phone number available. How to they expect to do business like that? The "Contact Us" link is a formmail page, send an email with your personal information, not knowing who it may be sent to, and wait who knows how long for a response.

Searching more on the net I found a Facebook page with a different street address and still no clue if the street address may be valid. Calling the phone number resulted in connection to a an automated voice machine which put me on hold indefinitely.

I was just trying to validate the buiness for inclusion on my Shops list, maybe give them a little free publicity. In the end, I don't have time in my life to do business this way. I refuse to do business with anyone who will not reveal their location and makes it difficult to communicate. What happens if you actually buy something, send money, maybe never get the merchandise, or maybe get something you want to return?

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