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Brooklands British Car
8237 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA
Phone: 253-584-2033

- Preservation and restoration of classic British sports, racing, and touring cars. One stop British car shop.


On 22 March 2017, Ray Ammeter in Washington, USA wrote:
"I stopped by Brooklands about 10 years ago while putting together my five speed conversion. They sold me a MGB clutch arm at a very reasonable price. I didn't have any work done, but I can say the counter man was very nowledgeable".

On 07 April 2017, David Breneman in Rosedale, Washington, USA wrote:
"I was at Brooklands just last week to pick up new fuel lines for my MGA. I can highly recommend them. They restored my car about 12-15 years ago (they had it for almost 3 years, working on it during the slow months). If you want to talk to Matt, the owner, it's best to go by in person. He's frequently under a car, or helping another customer, so he seldom answers the phone. Pictures of my restoration are at the link:

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