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Quantum Mechanics, Ltd - British Transmissions overdrives, 5-speeds, differentials, component reuilding and parts - New, Rebuilt, Used

315 Riggs St, Building A Unit 3
Oxford, CT 06478
Ph: 203-463-8299

Owner: John Esposito

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During 2014-2015 there have been numerous negative comments about this vendor, not so much quality of work but mostly about taking payments and then not delivering for a long time, and little or no response to inquires. Some customers have been so disappointed as to threaten to sue and demending their money back. Better Business Bureau is primarily interested in protecting the reputation of their members (the client businesses), so they are not much help in following up compliants. I believe much of this is a result of slow delivery of replacement parts from his vendors. The situation seems to be aggrevated by slow or no respons eto email and phone calls (after the sale).

On Jul 11, 2014, Jim R (Left Coast, USA) wrote:
"If you're thinking about ordering a 5-speed conversion kit for your MGA from John Esposito at Quantum Mechanics, consider this first: -- I spoke with John several times via email back in January. He was always prompt to answer my emails before I agreed to buy a kit from him. I sent him a $1000 deposit on January 24th, 2014, and was told I'd have my kit in 4-6 weeks. Three months later, I still didn't have my parts, and no word from John. I attempted to email him several times, but he no longer answered any of them. Occasionally I'd get lucky and catch him on the phone, and he'd tell me he was having problems with his supplier. Not once, did he ever take the initiative to contact me and let me know the status of my order. I last spoke with him in mid June, where he promised to send the parts he had (all but the rear crossmember). He never sent them. Finally, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on June 19th. It was then that I found out he had had three other virtually identical complaints filed before mine. Even after I filed my complaint, John STILL didn't even bother to contact me to resolve the problem. Now I'm out $1000, and six months that I've been waiting. At this point, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll even see my money returned to me. BUYER BEWARE"!
"I spoke with John this morning, and he says he'll send me a refund. He's a nice guy, very polite, and I feel bad about this not working out, but there comes a point where you have to cut your losses and start over".

On Jul 13, 2014, Jim R wrote:
"Unfortunately, no refund yet as promised. I was told definitely Friday or Saturday. I guess I'll be calling John again on Monday. I am NOT happy".

On Jul 13, 2014, Jim R wrote:
"I chose Quantum Mechanics over Moss because Moss wants an arm and a leg for it. I didn't choose Hi-Gear because of the shipping from England, but the old adage 'You get what you pay for' holds true. Six months of waiting with Quantum Mechanics, and I have no parts, and now I'm sweating whether I'm even going to get my $1000 back or not. If I do, I'll be buying my kit from Hi-Gear this time"!

On Jul 14, 2014, Jim R wrote:
"I spoke to John at Quantum again this morning. He feels pretty bad about this, and assured me he'll have my refund this week. He strikes me as a very honest person, and others have assured me that he is. I think he'll make things as 'right' as he can. The problem with a situation that drags on like this, is there comes a point where a credit card company is not going to get involved with a chargeback anymore. That's where you have to rely on the good character of the vendor you're dealing with".

On Jul 15, 2014, Jim R wrote:
"Well, folks, I have a happy ending to this story. No, I didn't get my 5-speed kit, but John came through with a full refund, and was even kind enough to include a little extra for all the trouble. I want to go on record as saying that John Esposito of Quantum Mechanics is an honest man with more integrity than we usually see these days. John, if you're out there, thank you"!

On Jul 11, 2014, Hap Waldrop (Acme Speed Shop) in Greenville, SC, USA wrote:
"Same experience here, except it was for (3) 5 speed kits, all three fully paid for in advance (so add that number up). I finally did get the last one 9 months later. My customers were somewhat calm about all this. You all remember Jack Morris, he was one of the 3 customers, and he was so mad at John he was about to explode. At that point I no longer offered John's 5 speed kits for sale thru my business. I could not chance my reputation dealing with John anymore, which is a shame because we had many good dealings before that. John told me so many lies about delivery time, it wasn't even funny. The best one being he had the last gear box done. John said was going to Carlisle, he didn't have time to ship eeryhting until he got back from Carlisle, and it would ship after he got back on Monday. Then it was still over 2 months later before he shipped it, and the customer got gearbox, and then the gearbox had to be warranteed 2 times before my customer got a good useable gearbox. This whole thing was freaking nightmare, one of those customers has not talked to me since then".

On Dec 20, 2015, Don Colman in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA wrote:
"I mailed a bank check in the amount of $3500.00 to John at the end of August, 2015 after speaking with him on the telephone. This was the price of the 5 speed conversion for my Bug Eye. He told me it would ship in 4 to 6 weeks. After sending the money he became very quiet. Delay after delay, after delay with no word from him. I tried to contact him numerous times via phone messages, certified mail & emails with not much success. I've begged & pleaded with him to talk to me & let me know the status of my order. From the date of my order to the present time, he returned 1 call & 1 email. This was after exhaustive efforts to get him to respond. After all this wrangling, he shipped 2 boxes to me which contained the mounting parts which he got from Frontline in England, but the T-9 trans was not included.
"I have been able to speak to him only once on the phone. He only offers lies & excuses. He steadfastly refuses to respond in any way. I have given him every opportunity to complete my order. I have pleaded with him to be considerate enough to deal with me honestly & fairly which any customer has a right to expect but nothing will move him. It's as if he lives on another planet.
"In desperation, I left him a phone message & sent an email on Dec. 19, 2015 to inform him that if I do not hear from him by Dec. 23rd I will begin the only options left to me. Monday morning Dec.28, I will file mail fraud charges against him with the USPS Postal Inspecters, File a formal complaint with the Oxford CT. BBB, File a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of the FTC (John is clearly in violation of several key regulations that govern this type of business transaction) & sue him for the entire $3500.00 plus legal/court fees & any other legal remedy that I can force. I'm 82 years old & have never, never encountered a man like Esposito. His conduct is outrageous, disgusting, & he should be held criminally accountable"!

On Dec 24, 2015, Don Colman in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA wrote:
"Mr. Esposito from Quantumechanics finally sent an email. To avoid the steps I had outlined to him that I would be forced to take, he has agreed to have Frontline developments in the UK drop ship the T-9 trans directly to my home when Frontline returns from their holiday closing. This is better news than I've obtained from John before. I do hope that I'm nearing the end of this tedious ordeal. I will post an update when this, hopefully, happens"!

Note from Webmaster:
I have heard that Forntline (and/or High Gear Engineering) may have contractural commitments to service certain large volume customers (resellers) first, so they may not be able to ship one gearbox to an end customer immediately. This might just lead to more delays. Food for thought.

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