The MGA With An Attitude
(Ghost Riders in the Sky)
Some day when you feel like you just want to drive off into the sunset
and not return for weeks and weeks, think about


Once upon a time, on a two minute whim, the MGA with an attitude took a 36 hour 1700 mile round trip weekend from Naperville, Illinois, to Brooklyn, New York, just to have a little fun at an all British Gymkhana.  On the "mgs" internet mailing list there was a little discussion about long trips in Little British Cars.  One respondent in Anchorage finally called the New York weekend trip "small potatoes" and invited the MGA with an attitude to come and visit the great state of Alaska.  Well, MGs were made to be driven, so why not?  Anyone else interested?  This of course sparked a lively discussion that was soon to lead to --

Brit Run To The Sun -- Alaska '97

Welcome to Alaska
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