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MGA surf board rack
From Ken Morton in Alaska. Photo in northern California in 1969.

This hand made surfboard rack works with the rag top up as well as down. Where there's a will there's a way.

On 21 August 2009 at 01:46:07 UK time, Ken Morton wrote:
"I wouldn't have done this to a car with a good paint job, but this was just a $300 beater in 1969. The rack was bent out of electrical conduit with angle iron crossmembers and flat bar diagonal braces. It was supported by a large rubber suction cup on each side just aft of the top, like the ones that the trunk rack sat on. There was a strap [web strap] on each side going forward under the rear lower edge of the top, and hooking to the aft edge of the cockpit opening. A u-bolt clamped the rack on each end of the rear bumper. One end of a seatbelt was anchored under the hood .... and the other end to the front crossmember of the rack. The seatbelt held everything firmly down in front but allowed a quick disconnect. (The u-bolts required a ratchet.) It was very stable at 70+ MPH and I made a couple of trips from the Portland area to southern California with it. I don't remember what became of the rack. I sold this car after I bought my present MGA in 1970, and I still have the surfboard, though I paddle a kayak now. I think my 17' kayak may require a trailer"!

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