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On Feb 8, 2017, Robert McMillin in Delta, British Columbia, Canada wrote:
"I thought about adding a rack, and also about getting a second trunk lid for it because I liked the original look without the rack. In the end I decided on an alternative to the rack. A saddlebag instead (about the size of a large Duffel) connects to the top hooks and the lift-a-dots".
SaddleBag for MGA
SaddleBag for MGA SaddleBag for MGA SaddleBag for MGA SaddleBag for MGA

Nice idea, excellent use of space, period look, accessible from the cockpit, could serve as a wind breaker. However, might obstruct vision in rear view mirror, could scratch the paint, might flap in the wind, looks like it will preclude use of the convertible top.

To which Robert McMillin replied:
"Whether the bag scratches the car will, I think, be more of a human issue than of the bag itself. The leather is that soft oil permeated type that you often see on motorcycle chaps (good weather resistance), but if you toss the bag on the ground and then on the car (without giving it a quick brush off) then whatever debris you pick up could scratch the car.
As for flapping around, as you can see from this last picture the bag is held down by pockets for the almond shaped top hooks. I've been careful not to put buckles or metal on the outside of the bag. Guess I'll just have to test it out, once the snow melts. I'm pretty confident".

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