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TALBOT Suction Cup Mirror - AT-103K

Talbot suction cup mirror
Talbot mirror part# J5 11F. Made in "Western Germany" (when it was still split) by Talbot Berlin Co. Finish is chrome with gray piping around the outer edge, 5" wide X 2.5" high.
Talbot suction cup mirror Talbot suction cup mirror Talbot suction cup mirror
This is a very high quality mirror, all chrome metal parts, large suction cup designed to never let loose, and sturdy enough to be steady without vibration. They typically sell for over $100, if you can find one. This is a great accessory for MGA when the original dash mount mirror will not see over a luggage rack or trailer. It is of course removable for concours show, although it is a valid period accessory for MGA.

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