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Here is another style of screenwasher pump, discovered by Jim Cheatham in Amelia, VA, USA. It was found in his 1957 MGA Coupe, but he does not know if it was factory issue. Notice three drive rivets securing the pump parts at the rear of the housing.
Washer pump 2 assembly
Washer pump 2 rear Washer pump drive rivets Washer pump 2 inside
Pulling out the drive rivets discloses a rubber bulb. Since it has a knurled nut in front with no recessed cups, it may be a very early MGA 1500 part. Or it may be some odd aftermarket part with no manufacturer's name or part number on the parts.
Washer pump 2 assembly
The rubber bulb appears to be glued to the metal base piece with no other mechanical attachment. The rubber was stuck to the metal, requiring a razor knife for separation. There was nothing else inside, no screen and no check valve(s). It appears to need external check valves to function. I found it hard to believe there is no mechanical connection for the rubber part, and no check valve.
Washer pump 2 assembly Washer pump 2 assembly
On further exploration it is discovered that the associated screenwasher jets have built in check valves. I had not seen this before, but it is rather neat. The input check valve then is the standard foot valve in the reservoir while the output check valves are in the jets, and the pump itself does note need check valves.
Washer jet assembly Washer jet disassembled
Jim Cheatham wrote:
"My Heritage certificate indicates that the windscreen washer was installed by the factory. I assume this one was original to the car but have no proof that it wasn't replaced at some point. Production date was May 26, 1957 which was early for coupes. It has a 3/8" hole, knurled nut in front without cups and there is a check valve in the bottom of the tube inside of the bottle. The car no. is 31994".

On 10/9/2015, Jim Chatham wrote: "I had my washer nozzles rechromed and I cleaned the brass hardware. They are ready to go back on the car when I get to that point in my restoration".
Washer jet restored

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