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WINDSCREEN WASHER Kit(s) Parts List -- AT-105P

The following parts lists have been collated from the various Service Parts Lists. Notice the part called "Bulb rubber" or "Rubber bulb". This is apparently the pump assembly without mounting hardware. It is a non-serviceable assembly, so the internal rubber diaphragm and screen and check valve are not available as replacement parts. A possible repair process is covered in different articles. The production changes in chronological order are:

May 55 - 1500 start (c)10101 - AHH5798 Windscreen washer kit may have adjustable jet or fixed jet Dec 57 - mid 1500 (c)45186 - No change of part number of the kit Change to small adjustable jet (3rd type of jet?). Change control assembly, tubes, rubber bulb, push button. Apr 58 - Twin Cam start (c)501 - AHH5798 Windscreen washer kit (same as 1500) May 59 - 1600 start - AHH5700 Windscreen washer kit With recessed cups. Nov 59 - mid 1600 (c)80390 and TC (c)2544 - AHH5983 Windscreen washer kit. Washer bottle neck increased from 1-1/2 to 2-3/16, control module modified.

1500 Windscreen washer (optional extra) AHH5798 Windscreen washer kit 7H9747 Bracket and container 7H9781 Bracket 7H9779 Container 7H9785 Cap 7H9777 Jet mounting assembly (2) - adjustable jet 7H9746 Jet mounting assembly (2) - Fin.(c)45185 - fixed jet 27H9622 Jet mounting assembly (2) - Com.(c)45186 - small adjustable jet 27H9623 Jet (2) 7H9776 Control assembly with tubes - Use with 7H9777 17H9748 Control assembly with tubes - Fin.(c)45185 - Use with 17H9746 27H9624 Control assembly with tubes - Com.(c)45186 7H9780 Nut - plunger 7H9782 Washer (shakeproof) 27H9626 Rubber bulb - Com.(c)45186 7H9784 Collar - knurled 7H9783 Push-button knob 27H9625 Push-button knob - Com.(c)45186 7K9786 Tubing (state length) 1600 Windscreen washer (optional extra) AHH5700 Windscreen washer kit - Fin.(c)80389 AHH5983 Windscreen washer kit - Com.(c)80390 7H9781 Bracket 7H9779 Container - 20 oz.(1-1/2" neck) - Fin.(c)80389 7H9785 Cap assembly 1-1/2" - Fin.(c)80389 13H227 Container - 20 oz.(2-3/16" neck) - Com.(c)80390 37H9716 Cap assembly 2-3/16" - Com.(c)80390 13H231 Jet mounting assembly (2) - Part no. change; was 27H9622 27H9623 Jet (2) 27H9654 Control assembly - Fin.(c)80389 - not available use 37H9730 37H9730 Control assembly - Com.(c)80390 27H9625 Knob 27H9655 Back nut (2) LWN406 Washer shakeproof - Part no. change; was 7H9782 27H9626 Bulb rubber - Fin.(c)80398 27H9824 Bulb rubber - Com.(c)80390 7K9708 Tubing (A/R) - Only available in multiples of feet Twin Cam Windscreen washer (optional extra) AHH5798 Windscreen washer kit (same as 1500) 7H9781 Bracket 7H9779 Container - Small cap 7H9785 Cap - Small cap 13H227 Container - 20 oz. - Large cap 37H9716 Cap assembly - Large cap 27H9622 Jet mounting assembly (2) (small adjustable jet) 27H9623 Jet (2) 27H9624 Control assembly with tubes (same as late 1500) 27H9625 Knob 27H9655 Back nut (2) 7H9782 Washer shakeproof 27H9626 Bulb rubber 7K9708 Tubing (A/R) - Only available in multiples of feet

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