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Radio Speaker MOUNTING BRACKET for MGA - AT-112D

This is a follow up from the prior page. It is my best shot at making a drawing/template for forming an original type radio speaker mount for the MGA. Click for larger PDF copy of the drawing.
speaker mounting bracket)
Click for PDF document. Print full scale on 22"x17" paper. A local instant print shop may have the facilities. Or you might be able to re-draw it full scale manually. Dimensions (in inches) are as follows:
A = 1.00
B = 1.25
C = 3.75
D = 0.68
E = 2.09
F = 3.00
G = 3.75
G2= 2.50
G3= 0.12
H = 4.25
I = 5.88
J = 15.80
K = 4.25
L = 6.25
M = 13.75
N = 3.00
O = 5.22
P = 0.29
Q = 5.73
R = 0.50
S = 1.00
T = 2.96
U = 2.82
V = 1.03
W = 5.68
W2= 5.75
X = 90 deg
Y = 110 deg
Z = 30 deg

Material is heavy black paper card stock, the kind that is thick enough to kink into a ridge when you bend it to a sharp corner. Best guess is about 0.060-inch thick. It should have compressed tempered surface, slick and fairly hard, almost like a glossy magazine cover. I once bought something similar from an upholstery shop to cover the back of the seat frames on my MGA. It should be installed with eight sheet metal screws and eight Tinnerman fasteners that slip over the edge of the card stock.

The speaker mounting kit would have been a dealer accessory part supplied by the MG factory (with or without the speaker). The card stock part would have been packaged, shipped and stored as a flat piece with score lines for the bends, needing to be hand formed at time of installation.

Fair warning. Dimensions may not be exactly as original, but with luck it may actually work and it may be close enough to convince a concours judge. I made this drawing when I posted the prior web page. A few of the dimensions were verified by measuring the space and under dash brackets in my car. The rest is sort of an educated guess from scaling the pictures and doing an engineering drawing layout.

Dimension "O" (5.22-inches) is my best estimate for distance between the speaker mounting screws. That would make it four bolts on 7.38" diameter bolt circle. The speaker is intended to be a 5-in x 8-in oval speaker with a frame about 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches (straight on the the sides). Again, all this is best effort at scaling the pictures and comparing against a precious few known dimensions.

Image below shows the fold-up configuration. Click for PDF document. Print full scale on 22x17-inch paper.
speaker mounting bracket)
I hear that Todd Clarke (Clarke Spares and Restorations) can supply this speaker mount.

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