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"Wire-Wheel" WHEEL COVERS - AT-135

Wire-wheel Wheel Covers
These wire-wheel wheel covers were a fairly popular accessory for cars that never had wire wheels, but would be rather rare on an MGA. This car was re-imported from New York, USA to Denmark in 2007, and the side marker lights were installed in 2011 to suit the Danish regulations. The wheel covers appear to be from Ford Thunderbird of late 50's or early 60's. For a North American car this would be a period accessory, although not specifically for an MGA. They are more generic wheel covers to fit any 15-inch steel wheel. Any aftermarket auto parts vendor selling wheel covers should be able to source wire-wheel wheel covers for 15-inch wheels.
Wire-wheel Wheel Covers

Another set, slightly different style, source unknown.
Wire-wheel Wheel Covers Wire-wheel Wheel Covers
Photos compliments of Hank Halliday in Ailsa Craig, Ontario, Canada

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