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NAVIGATOR'S DESK, Right Bracket -- AT-200D
desk frame right bracket

The right bracket is a little tricky for a different reason. Notice the 4 degree angle. Here you can place the straight strap in the vice jaws and lean it over a bit sideways (4 degrees) prior to bending. This is needed to bring the top part of the bracket parallel to the body flange to which it will be attached. It will also leave the vertical leg at a slight angle relative to the top leg (looking down from the top). While you have the part in the vise, raise it an inch or two and use a flat wrench or large pliers to twist the top of the vertical leg to bring the front edge of the top leg perpendicular to the side mounting surface. You can eyeball that to be close enough. This little twist eliminates the need for cutting a 4 degree angle on the front edge of the top leg to square it up to the mating body brace. Here again the holes may be drilled before or after bending.

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