The MGA With An Attitude

On 1/13/2018, Simon Broom in the UK wrote:
"I always wondered why they didn't use the armrest in the MGA to store stuff in. So I thought I'd make one. As you can see, it has enough space to house, keys, a phone, change and maybe a few small spares and a pen etc. It's an inch deep at the shallow end and 2 inches deep at the deep end and still has the external dimensions of the original.
arm rest storage console
"First, I downloaded the dimensions from the internet, blew them up and made a template and constructed a box and lid from mdf. Then I bought a piano hinge and ball catch online. Finally, I purchased a standard foam filled armrest and, in this case, some black leather (but vinyl will do).
arm rest storage console arm rest storage console
"I cut the sides off the armrest leaving a couple of inches of vinyl around the edge and pulled out the foam rubber. I then took the mdf lid, pulled the armrest top over it and pulled the spare vinyl edges around and under and stapled it all in place. Then I routed a space along one edge of the box and inserted the ball catch so it would be flush with the lid when closed. Next I measured and cut the piano hinge to size and lightly ground the edge so it didn't look cut.

"Then, I had a go at upholstering the box and frankly it didn't look that good and I covered myself in glue, so I marched it all down to a local furniture upholsterer who, for not much money, completed the job. It doesn't make the car go any faster or handle better I admit but I'm looking forward to the convenience and it looks pretty original! Now all I need to do is figure out how to attach it to the new carpet. Probably staples from underneath". -- Simon

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