The MGA With An Attitude

On 3/7/2016, Thomas Aczel wrote:
"The previous owner of my MGA had sent the original grille away for chrome plating. The chrome plater lost the nose piece, and it was replaced with a repro item. After about eight years, this had started to deteriorate. Rather than re-chrome a repro item I managed to score a genuine, knocked about 1500/1600 grille on eBay.
The comparison is interesting. Look especially at the profile of the lower edge. Also the repro is steel, the original is brass. The repro nose piece is also marginally smaller all round. (The original fits over the top of the repro; maybe that's exactly how they roughed out the shape of the repro badge? Both need replating. I know however which one is better having money spent on it. I hope my "new" original doesn't get lost again"!
grille nose piece

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