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People reconstructing doors should be aware that there are three drain holes in the bottom outboard edge of the inner steel shell. Photo below has black marker lines with dimensions noting the hole locations. These holes were originally punched prior to forming of the panel, so the holes wrap around the corner of the bend, partly on the horizontal surface and partly on the vertical surface (just above the outer panel crimp flange). The holes are about 13/32-inch diameter (10.3-mm), and the bottom edge of the holes will lie just below the top edge of the outer shell crimp flange. Hole locations, starting from the front end (left and of the picture) are 2", 11-3/8", 11-3/4", and 4" (from the rear end). The pictures show MGA Coupe doors, but roadster doors are same on the bottom.

Drain holes in bottom of door shell
Door bottom with original holes. Photo from Peter D in Yorkshire, UK

Door bottoms without drain holes
Repaired inner shell without holes. Photo from Neil McGurk in Cumbria, UK

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