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At 11:06 AM 11/4/04 -0700, Musty Smells wrote:
>"Of all the holes in the fire wall and heater shelf I have identified only the main wiring-loom, throttle, and brake/clutch. I wonder if you or someone or anyone has mapped the entire network, accounting for some thirty-five or so holes, cables and wires, etc, being a certain length?"

I have heard of such a thing from time to time, but I don't recall every having seen it. It sounded like a good idea though, so I grabbed a tape measure and note pad and got to work making a drawing. The end result (after several hours) is the drawing included here.

spacial layout for firewall
Click for larger printable image with labels and notes.

This one is for the LHD MGA 1500, because that's what I have on hand to look at. The tach and speedo drive cables might swap places, depending on your instrument positions. The primary difference for RHD cars is that the control box and master cylinder trade places, and the washer bottle would move to the other side. The tachometer drive cable might stay where I have it shown, while the speedometer drive cable might go through the hole I have designated for the temperature probe. Where the TP goes then I don't know. For the MGA 1600 model you can delete the Turn Signal Relay. For the Twin Cam model the heater box is a mirror image.

To get the full size picture with labels and notes, click on the picture above. Expand the next window to full screen size to be legible (may require a 1280x1024 display size). For the MSIE browser you can hover and click on icon in the lower right corner of the window to expand the image to full size. To print the large image, right click on it and then click on "print picture". It should print well in landscape mode on 8-1/2x11 inch paper (with minimal margins).

photo of firewall
You can also click here for an off-site photograph of this part of the MGA with the holes labeled. This one is from a 1600 Deluxe model, so the master cylinder mount and the holes to attach the body to the frame goalpost are a little different, as well as having no turn signal relay.

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