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SPLASH SEALS for Rear Fender -- BD-108

At 06:00 AM 10/25/04 -0600, Joseph Kaiser wrote:
>"Looking at the Moss & VB catalogs I find 2 types of seals listed. Looks like an original and then a push on kind? Do you have any experience or advice with these things?"

The push on seal was used on the later MGBs and the earlier rivet on material was superseded to this by the factory. Since the MGA used similar material, it would make sense that the push on material should work ok for the MGA as well. I believe it wraps around the edge of the panel, so when it is installed it should cover up the original rivet holes.

You should assure that the panel is painted well before you do his, as the push over seal could likely trap moisture around the original rivet holes, which could cause accelerated rusting if there was any bare metal there.

At 15:09:14 UK time on 28 December 2005, Steve Brandt wrote:
>"Has anyone used a special tool to form and seat the split rivets that are used to hold the rubber in place on the inner fender splash guards? The originals are curved back onto themselves in an "m" pattern and I wondered if it is possible to find or make a tool that produces the same effect."

Put the rivets in place and bend a little with a flat screwdriver. Place a little nail behind each leg of the rivet to make the proper curve. Finish it by placing a very small socket on the rivet, and give a little knock with a hammer. Then remove the nails and that's it. It should look like the original curve.

To see how it was really done, back in the day, see article BD_108B.

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