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On 03 September 2008 at 13:06:14 UK time, John Bray in Bedfordshire, UK wrote:
>>"I need to remove the bonnet and would like to make sure it goes back in the same position. In the past I've tried marking round the hinges which was not very effective, but I seem to recall there is a method of putting in an extra screw or dowel to ensure accurate alignment. Has anyone tried this or any other method?"

MGA bonnet hinges are easily bent, so don't bet on them staying aligned, especially if they are removed for body restoration work. Marking the location or drilling a hole for alignment will not guarantee that reassembly will yield the same results. But I have found a reasonable method.

When installing bonnet hinges on the body, move them to the rearmost range of adjustment before tightening the screws. When installing the bonnet on the hinges, also move the bonnet to the rearmost range of adjustment before tightening the screws. Then close the bonnet slowly while observing the alignment. If not properly aligned, grasp the bonnet firmly and push from side to side while pulling forward (or pushing backward as required), bending one hinge a bit with each nudge, until the bonnet will be properly aligned. If it is too high at the back, block the front up several inches and press down firmly at the back to bend the hinges down. Being too low at the back may be generally self-correcting as it is closed (when the rubber buffers are properly in place).

Once aligned in this manner the bonnet can be removed and replaced while easily reproducing the prior alignment. Just press the bonnet to the rearmost position of the adjustment before tightening the screws. You can use this method with the quick change thumb screws shown on the next page.

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