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FRONT BODY SHROUD Alignment -- BD-202

At 03:27 PM 11/25/2006 +0000, Tom at Classic-Car-World Ltd wrote:
>"Could someone provide me with the measurement of the front shroud on an original MKI 1600 MGA please?" What I'm after is the overall width of the shroud at the bottom front where it meets the radiator duct panel.

All MGA should have the same shape and size for the front shroud. I measure 41 inches around the outside at the bottom edge below the grille opening.

>"I'm replacing both the duct panel and the front nose of the shroud but there is about a inch difference in the width of the duct panel and the replacement shroud. I would have expected the duct panel to have filled the width of the shroud at the outer edges. I'm not sure if the duct panel is too small or the replacement nose section is too wide."

Apparently a common problem. This is documented on the DVD for the restoration of 10106 by Maynard's Garage. The new hand made nose piece was one inch too wide. It also had an oversize gap to the bonnet at front center. Original parts were stamped on steel dies, all the same. Current replacement parts are hand formed over a wooden buck with slight variations (which should be much less than one inch error). Apparently the wood buck being used as a guide to forming the new parts has a dimensional error.

Current replacement duct panels seem to be the right size, so most likely your front shroud is too wide. If it's more than 41 inches it's time for some cut and weld work. Check the shape of the grille opening before you start.

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