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TAPPING PLATE for Shut-Face Panel -- BD-211
(Captive Square Nut)

On 5/9/2012 George Stringe wrote:
square nut cage drawing "I replaced one of the captive nuts for the screws that hold the door shut face panel on the B post. The threads were stripped on the nut and I preferred not to use one odd screw for the panel, so replacement was the option I chose. I didn't know how the nut was held in position, so that was the first task before cutting into the B post. I tried looking thru the various holes in the pillar and a little mirror on a stick, but I ended up using my tiny 12 volt light bulb on a wire to light up the inside of the pillar and looking thru the hole at the door striker tapping plate opening.
The nut holder is a simple folded cup, spot welded to the inside of the front face of the post. So I chose to slice into the post on the side with my Dremel and bend out the tab created and then bend out the flap on the side of the nut holder cup. Turned out to be super simple and the nut then just popped out with a little push. I thought that finding a square 10/32 nut locally, might not be so easy so I just made a new one. With the new nut in place and the cup flap back in position and the flap of the post folded back, a quick weld bead and side grinder flap disc treatment, all is wall again. I have attached pictures of the operation".

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