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MGA Fiberglass Fenders, 2-Each, Front and Rear - BD-252

fiberglass wings/fenders
All new parts, made in USA. Listed on eBay in December 2016. For as long as the ad may last, see the eBay ad. The vendor is Specialty Motorsports on eBay - 800-700-7057 - 330-241-1680. I don't know if this is a single sale opportunity, or if more may be available. Someone made these parts, possibly still in production.

Interested to know if there might be more available. Also the seller's ad offers installation. No geographical address given, except apparently in Medina, Ohio. Coincidentally, the 800 (free) phone number is same as a company I bought some parts from 20 years ago, and same as a company "Medina Motorsports" that the order was forwarded to and to whom I made the payment. I have two different street addresses for those companies quite close together in Medina, Ohio. I tried to contact the seller (via text message though eBay) asking about possible installation and location of the shop. I got what appeared to be a robotic response that had nothing to do with my questions. Sending reply to ask again, I got a curt response saying only, "Not interested either in robots or typing. My ads have phone numbers. I talk, not type". Asking price for the parts was quite high, and this is beginning to smell like a scam.

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