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VALANCE PANEL, Sebring Style 1 - BD-301

This is an interesting topic, because the name "Sebring valance" is an adopted generic name for most any modified front valance panel for MGA. In more general terms it really means "remove the front bumper". Most of the so called Sebring valance panels don't look anything like the ones used on the Sebring race cars. It's just that the Sebring race cars are notorious for having popularized the "no front bumper" style, so if you just remove the front bumper it looks like a race car. Then if you do anything at all to modify the valance panel to smooth it out or make it look better, it is commonly referred to as a "Sebring valance".

Sebring 1956, two cars with bumpers, one with bumper removed.

57 Sebring MGA #51 after restoration 57 Sebring MGA #51 after restoration
Sebring 1957, bumpers removed.

Sebring 1958 - No works MGA entered.

Sebring 1959, ran with bumpers.

1960 Sebring MGA   1960 Sebring MGA
Sebring 1960, bumpers removed.

61 Sebring MGA #43 after restoration   61 Sebring MGA #44 after restoration
Sebring 1961, special bulbous smooth valance.

62 Sebring MGA line up 62 Sebring MGA #53 after restoration
Sebring 1962, special narrow smooth valance.

So only the 1961 and 1962 Sebring cars used a special flush front valance. I am rather fond of the 1961 model that was somewhat bulbous and did not follow the curve of the front wings. Not so keen on appearance of the narrow valance used in 1962, but form follows function, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now that we know what the real Sebring valances looked like you can turn the page and consider some of the modern renditions.

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