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Rear Brake ABUTMENT Replacement - BT-102A

This is an interesting modification for the rear brakes on the MGA. It is possible to install the MGB rear brake adjuster assembly in place of the MGA rear brake abutment. I believe you need to drill one hole in the brake backing plate a little larger. Aside from replacing an MGA part that may be N/A (not available), it can give a second method for adjusting the rear brakes of the MGA. This may help if new brake shoes are too small, or if the drums have been re-machined too large (refer to prior page).

MGA rear brakes MGB rear brakes
Original MGA rear brakes. Original MGB rear brakes.
MGA rear brakes with MGB abutment

At right, MGA rear brakes with MGB abutment/adjuster. If you do make this modification, as usual keep good records and keep the records with the car for future servicing.

MGA abutment and MGB adjuster

On 5/29/2017, Stam Kees in the Netherlands wrote:
"I have tried to install the MGB Adjuster, it fits perfectly, but as can see the MGA shoes have a slot at one side. When you use the normal MGA adjuster, this slot gives no problems because the MGA adjuster has a wide (long) contact area. However when you take a good look at the MGB adjuster, you see a small round pin where the brake shoe touches the adjuster. The slot in the brake shoe and the pin get caught. I think, the only solution is close the slots in the brake shoes by welding".
MGA brake shoes MGB rear brake adjuster
I suppose you could weld in the notch on the brake shoe web and grind it smooth. But if you do that, maybe you should do an extra set for spares, because you have created non-standard parts with no commercial replacement parts available. Also keep good records of the modification, and keep the original MGA abutment so it could be returned to original configuration.
MGA brake shoe welded
On 6/7/2017, Stam Kees wrote:
"Welding the slots from the two brake shoes is working perfectly. See attached photo".

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