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BRAKE PADS And SHOES, Cross Reference - BT-111

Part numbers for brake pads and shoes for MGA and MGB from various sources. MGB is included here because some people have been installing MGB brakes on their MGA.

    MGA Brake Shoes, 1500 front and rear, 1600 rear:
Also MG Magnette ZA 1953-1956 (F&R), MG Magnette ZB 1956-1958 (F&R), MG Magnette MK-III 1959-1961, MG Magnette MK-IV 1961-1969, Austin Morris J2 Messenger Van 1955-1958, Sunbeam 90, 90-Mk-II 1948-1952 (F&R)
ABS (ACI, Ltd) ABS546  
BMC 8G8025 (1500)
BMC 8G8306 (1600)
Holden 065.743
Leacy Classics 18G8526
Lockheed LB 1004 DN
Moss Motors UK 18G8526K
Moss Motors USA 182-150
Porterfield SHOE 960 R4 Race Compound
Porterfield SHOE 960 R4-S HP Street compound

    MGB Brake Shoes, rear:
EBC 6234  
Moss Motors UK 4GBS740
Moss Motors  USA 182-100  
Porterfield SHOE 437 R4 Racing compound
Porterfield SHOE 437 R4-S HP Street compound

    MGA 1600 Brake Pads, front:
BMC 8G8314 [service memo MG290]
BMC 8G8379 [com (c)78106]
EBC DP2109 Greenstuff 2000 - Organic
Moss Motors UK 8G8379
Moss Motors USA 182-212 Ceramic, "Classic Gold"
Moss Motors USA 182-217 Semi-metallic, "Classic Gold"
Moss Motors USA 182-219 "Greenstuff"
Porterfield LDB2 R4 Racing compound
Porterfield LDB2 R4-1 Vintage race compound
Porterfield LDB2 R4-E Endurance race compound
Porterfield LDB2 R4-S HD Street compound

    MGB & BGT 1800 Brake Pads, front:
A.B.S. 36208
APEC Braking PAD10
Beck Arnley 082-0282 Premium - Organic
Bendix 571801B - DB810
BMC GBP202 - GBP256
Brake EngineeringPA200
Centric CE102.00270 C-TEK Semi-Metallic
EBC DP107 Original Quality
EBC DP2107 Greenstuff 2000 - Organic
EBC E35DP3107C Redstuff 3000 - Cermic
Delphi LP0007 - LP7
E.T.F. 120033
Ferodo FDB823
Girling 6103316
HP 2125
Jurid 571801J
Hawk HB132.580 Black Low cost racing (compound M)
Hawk HB132.580 Blue Higher torque (compound E)
Hawk HB132.580 HP Plus   (compound N)
Hawk HB132.580 HPS High Performance Street
Leacy Classics 18G8526
Mintex MLB10
Moss Motors UK GBP202
Moss Motors USA 182-222  Ceramic, "Classic Gold"
Moss Motors USA 182-227 Semi-metallic, "Classic Gold"
Moss Motors USA 585-610 "Hawk"
Moss Motors USA 585-630 "Greenstff"
NPN W0133-1632074
PBR W0133-1628536 PBR Deluxe
Porterfield LD10 R4 Racing compound
Porterfield LD10 R4-1 Vintage race compound
Porterfield LD10 R4-E Endurance race compound
Porterfield LD10 R4-S HD Street compound
Quinton Hazell BP117
Raybestos LD10 ST-41 Slow warm-up racing
Raybestos LD10 ST-43 Quick warm-up racing
Raybestos LD10 ST-47 Highest friction and torque
Rover GBP256 - GBP202
Woking P149300

    MGA Twin Cam and "Deluxe" Brake Pads, front and rear:
BMC 7H8201 (4-pcs) was 7H8207 - not available use 8G8903
BMC 8G8903 (1-set)
EBC DP120 (Original Quality)
EBC DP2120 Greenstuff 2000 - Organic
Moss Motors UK GBP254
Moss Motors USA 182-220  
NAPA ATM D52DP PBR - Altrom Imports
NAPA TS TS702 Rayloc Tru-Stop
Rayloc TS702 Tru-Stop
PBR W0133-1625676 PBR Deluxe
Porterfield DD 704 R4 Race Compound
Porterfield DD 704 R4-1 Vintage race compound
Porterfield DD 704 R4-S HD street & light autocross

    MGA Twin Cam and "Deluxe" Brake Pads, parking brake:
BMC 8G8197 (kit) 2-pads R-inner L-outer, 2-pads R-outer L-inner,
2 long rivets, 2 short rivets
Moss Motors UK 8G8197 1-set for 2-calipers
Moss Motors USA 182-230 1-set for 2-calipers

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