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PEDAL LOCATIONS, Adjust/Modify - BT-135

On Jan 14, 2016, Alan Wiedie in Bolton, CT, USA wrote:
"In an effort to accommodate my size 14 shoes, I'm thinking of modifying the location of the brake and clutch pedals in my LHD 1500. The brake pedal arm could be straightened to move the pedal about 9/16" to the left, giving a little more room to the gas pedal, and the clutch pedal arm could be re-bent to move the pedal to the left about the same distance, maybe a little more. My concern is that the clutch arm might hit the left goalpost before the clutch is actuated.

On Feb 17, 2016, Alan Wiedie wrote:
"Finally got around to modifying my clutch and brake pedal arms to accommodate big feet. Basically, I straightened the brake arm and put more bend in the clutch arm - see drawing. This gets the brake pedal a little over 1/2" farther from the accelerator pedal and moves the clutch about 1/4" farther from the brake. Doesn't sound like much but I think it will make a big difference. I was actually able to do all the straightening and bending with my 5" vise and a 4# hammer. Because of the straightening and bending, the two pedals are not in line top to bottom, but I don't think that will be a problem. They are also not in the same plane when both are against the up stop, but that is a function of the pedal arm shape and must have been like that before.

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