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POWER BOOSTER For MGA Brakes, #4 - BT-201D

November 25, 2011 (continued from prior page):
This one comes from Patrick Mulholland in Australia:

Patrick has tucked his remote brake booster up behind the dash. It appears to be occupying space where original factory radio speaker would be installed. Two hydraulic pipes and one vacuum hose pass through the bulkhead.

For more details see --- Web page now missing, but the photos and notes are copied here, compliments of the WayBack Machine.

Patrick Mulholland wrote:
"As I get older, reflexes get slower and it becomes more important to have very effective brakes. I decided to fit vacuum-assisted brakes. In exchange for two slabs of beer, a friend in Brisbane provided me with a bracket with which to mount a booster under the passenger side of the dashboard. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them).

Also included in the deal was a hollow bolt to use as the vacuum source (replacing the stud on the rear of the inlet manifold that provides the mount for the choke cable).

Driving the car around town (where it sometimes seems to be the local sport to do U-Turns from parked positions immediately in the path of passing cars) is far less stressful now!
Booster installed behind dash Booster installed behind dash
Booster installed behind dash Booster installed behind dash

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