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POWER BOOSTER For MGA Brakes, #6 - BT-201F

Booster installed in engine bay
This booster is installed in the right rear corner of the engine bay in a RHD MGA. Apparently it was bypassed with a tubing connector after the booster failed. Most booster failures are a result of a split rubber diaphragm in the vacuum chamber. I saw one fail once during a car club tour. The driver had to stop and refill the master cylinder reservoir and bleed the brakes every 20 minutes or so, as brake fluid was being sucked through the servo vacuum chamber into the intake manifold to be burned in the engine. On the third or fourth stop the convoy was collectively running low on spare brake fluid. So we pinched off the vacuum hose with a small ViceGrip to disable the servo, then continued on with manual brakes for the rest of the day.

Remote booster of unknown vintage Remote booster of unknown vintage
Here are pictures of another vintage remote brake booster, also failed. Age and origin of this unit are not known. The owner is considering having one or both of the failed units rebuilt if someone could identify the parts to verify that they are appropriate vintage to be period accessories for the MGA.

On 5/2/2013 -0600, David Jacobs in Bristol, UK wrote:
"On the red car, [top of page] it is definitely an MGC booster. It is identical to the one on my MGC. The last few pictures show a booster (in black and red) that could be early MGC. The vacuum chamber design was changed for later MGC's".

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