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Brake Pads - MINTEX - BT-211

On 21 May 2014,Colyn Firth i South Yorkshire, UK wrote:
I have just fitted a pair of Mintex M1144 brake pads to replace a set of Greenstuff pads that I fitted a couple of years ago. I have never really been happy with the greenstuff pads, they didnt have that "bite" that the original pads had, they needed a lot of pedal pressure and also created a lot of brake dust.

Then I had to go through Mintex's recommended bedding procedure, you first have to warm the pads by braking lightly from 30mph. Then you take the car up to 70mph and brake hard down to 30mph and repeat 6 or 7 times. I then had to drive gently home and let the brakes cool down. When I went out for a 100 mile drive later that morning over the Yorkshire Wolds to Whitby I gave the new brakes a good test. I was immediately impressed by the better instant bite the Mintex pads give and the progressive feel, where the deceleration seems to increase without having to push the pedal harder. Certainly you dont need as much pedal pressure as was needed with the greenstuff.

The only negative is that they squeal when applied lightly but not when you brake hard. This is a shame as it usually happens mostly around towns when you tend to notice it more. I noticed that there were no anti-squeal shims with the pads and so I will look into getting a set to fit.

So overall, I am really impressed with the M1144 pads, the brakes have never been this good.

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