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STICKY THROTTLE and Worn Throttle Shafts - CB-110

At 11:39 AM 9/6/2006 -0700, Max Heim wrote:
"I was just diddling with the carbs, and I was having trouble with them not always returning to idle. ...."

When the throttle the shaft is worn it will move off center a bit due to action of the return springs. This moves the throttle plate off center where it can bind against the side of the throat, in which case it is reluctant to return to full closed. A quick snap, like slipping your toe off the side of the throttle pedal, can force it to full closed and slow idle, but it is irritating. The proper solution is to replace the throttle shaft.

In the meantime there is a temporary fix. Loosen the small screws which hold the throttle plate in the slot of the shaft so the plate can float in the slot. Back off the idle screw so the throttle plate will go completely closed. Nudge the plate a bit so it will come to rest touching the throat all the way around the edge, and tighten the screws to secure the throttle plate. Readjust the idle screw(s) for proper synchronization and correct idle speed. When the throttle plate is properly centered it will not bind, and the carb(s) will return to slow idle consistently.

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