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Carburetor HEAT SHIELD (3) -- CB-205

Carburetor heat shield

This one was posted by David Lake in Gold Coast, Australia.

"Here is the heat shield we built to overcome the vapor lock on the sunny Gold Coast. It is a similar material to what Barney used and is a ceramic material sandwiched between two layers of aluminum. We massively increased the size of the shield to "nominally" create a cold air box. There are additional layers of the material on the rear of the shield as well. The front edge is turned outwards so the hot radiator air blows behind it and the cool air from the side pipe is dumped there. It works well and the fuel bowls are quite cool to touch after a drive. The only down side is it limits access to work on the carbs or exhaust. I had to cut a 9/16 spanner down so i could tighten the carb bolts. Other than that i love it".

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