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A casual word here on lifetime stainless steel exhaust systems. They are usually guaranteed against perforation, and they will last a lifetime. However, .... many of them use glass-pack mufflers. It takes me about 4 years or 40,000 miles, whichever comes first, to blow the fiberglass stuffings out of a glass pack muffler. After that it gets moderately noisy, still generally legal but an attractive nusiance. The tone changes from mellow and pleasant to raspy and irritating, like you can't listen to a radio or talk to a passenger, and of course it attracts the attention of any cop who might be anywhere near when you drive past (especially at speed). The lifetime warrantee may not cover sound quality (or that incidental traffic ticket).

I bought my "lifetime guarantee" stainless exhaust system from Moss in 1986, at a time when the catalog description did not differentiate between perforation and sound. Moss has already replaced my muffler three times for free (thank you very much), and it needs another one now. They probably would not do the same for a new customer.

I'm tired of replacing the muffler anyway, needing it every 4 or 5 years. I now have a new tech session on the agenda. I would like to try punching two holes in the back of my muffler (hole saw) and installing snap plugs about 1 inch in diameter. I would then use a funnel and a long wooden dowel to repack the unit with fiberglass building insulation with tight packing, rammed into place with the wood dowel, and close the holes with the snap plugs. Once done, that should be a lot easier to re-do periodically rather than changing the muffler.

If I should ever find the time to do this, .... well guess what? I did. Turn page to see how it goes.

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