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MGA assembly in Australia, BODY LEADING - CKD-102C

On 5/12/2010, Gregory Keenan in Australia wrote:
"Reports of Australian built MGAs having copious amounts of lead added are not correct. The photo on page 72 of "MGA first of a new line" shows how the lead was carried down onto the hinge pillar extension. The reason for this was that the extension was gas welded to the pillar where it joined next to the door hinge. Removing the lead in this area in the course of rebuilding a car exposed the weld which looked untidy which would explain why the lead was wiped down next to the hinge. Where the door meets the shroud the cars were lead wiped the same as the UK built cars but the finish was a bit neater.
"The other place was where the door met the rear guard. This was done for two reasons, to improve the gap between the door and the guard or bring the guard up to the level of the door. Also the cars were lead wiped under the rear corner cockpit rail. In one photo I have removed some of the lead to give you an indication of the thickness required to bring the guard up to the level of the door. Another shows you how the lead was used to improve the gap and you can see that is was done after the shut panel was fitted. The other two photos show where the lead was applied under the rear cockpit rail. One is original and the other is one I have re-done. The photos of the guards came from a car that had been repainted but when I stripped the paint the original green paint and red oxide primer was underneath which proved that this was done by the factory".

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