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Wheel Paint
From the mgatwincam Yahoo group:

On Wed Sep 29, 2004 4:18 pm Peter Steyn in RSA wrote:
>Two of my original and well used Twin Cam wheels are dark brown on the inside; didn't give it much thought at the time. Hand painted on the inside in silver, is the original part number over the brown paint (number escapes me now, AHH--- or something close to that). I then saw a NOS wheel at a fellow enthusiasts place which replicates what I have just outlined. I then made the conclusion that this was how they were supplied; in RSA in any case. I then had the fortune of finding 6 NOS Twin Cam wheels in a 'barn find' and would you know it, dark brown on the inside with silver part number hand painted over the brown inner rim paint. I am now a firm believer that this is original; well in RSA that is. Possibly the rest of the world who received the Twin Cam differed?
>Then there's the rumor that the wing piping was black and not silver on RSA cars. There's a lot going for this rumor and a lot going against it but the jury is still out on it. Clausager says black. I have seen one owner cars, and the owners claim wings have never been parted from the bodies with black wing piping; possibly low stocks of silver/gray at assembly time, with VW beetle piping being used instead? I'm going silver/gray myself; less harsh on the eye as opposed to black.
On Wed Sep 29, 2004 9:49 pm Robin Barker in Canada wrote:
>Of the several unrestored wheels that I have in Canada, there is a mixture of the 2 types, silver on both sides and silver front / brown back. The brown appears to be a primer. Experience reminds me that many things in a mass production environment change from day to day dependent on all sorts of variables like urgency to ship the product, who did the job that day, availability of paint, etc. It was not an ISO 9000 world in 1958-60.
>None of my wheels have remnants of any painted part number. I think that this numbering would be for identification of service replacement parts only and would not be used on wheels installed on cars run down the assembly line.
Thu Sep 30, 2004 11:45 am Bo Giersing in RSA wrote:
>The wheels of the South African built cars I have seen were not painted on the inside, and one of the new wheels which I have now had the part number crudely painted on the (brown primer) wheel rim in white enamel - definitely by the agent's parts dept. I also have a wheel which someone has painted gloss brown on the inside in an attempt to go original - the simple answer is that some wheels were not painted on the inside, because they couldn't be bothered.
Dashboards were also apparently primed in brown. The 1500/1600 roadster dash was subsequently finish painted on the front side only. Coupes, Twin Cams, and Deluxes had front fabric coverings over the brown primer.

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