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HOMOLOGATION (Vehicle Documentation) - COMP-104

Homologation (from the verb homologate, meaning "to approve or confirm officially") is the process of certifying or approving a product to indicate that it meets regulatory standards and specifications, such as safety and technical requirements.

For the purpose of competition with automobiles, this is the process of certifying that the car is constructed as original from the factory, or (if modified) that it conforms to particular rules and regulations. The documentation is proffered by a particular sanctioning organization, specifying the competition class for which the vehicle may be suitable. The homologation document may or may not be honored by some other organization, but it is generally intended to be acceptable by many different organizations in the interest of conformity, so the vehicle may be accceptable in multiple venues without needing additional special modifications for a single event or for a single organization.

The following page(s) will present example(s) of certificaton documents from various sanctioning bodies.

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