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DOOR And WINDOW Disassembly, MGA Coupe - CP-110

These notes provided by Peter Tilbury in BC, Canada:

I stripped my coupe doors out about a year ago, and am reassembling them at this time (once I get the ******* door catches to work)! I have determined the strip down order is something like this (I did not take photos).

First remove the door and window handles. To do this, you have to push in the bezels and remove the 1/8" diameter pin in the shafts (three hands required for this). Then remove the door panel by removing the many screws. Then you have access to the top trim wood piece screws (2), so the trim can be removed.

Next, remove the screws around the window winder, and remove the winder. Sometimes this comes out with the glass, or sometimes the glass comes out of the lower channel. You might need to raise and lower the glass to get it out of the door channel and the door. Perhaps loosening the 4 bolts at the bottom of the channel will ease this glass/winder removal. However, these are likely to be rusted solid, and being 10-32 bolts they will break before you get them loose!

You should be able to now remove the door catch mechanism, 3 screws in the door edge, and 3 screws around the door handle shaft. You can also remove the outer door handle with its outer gasket; two Nyloc nuts on the inside of the door will need a socket on them to move them. The door lock in the driver's door can also be removed; the nut sizes on the actual latch, and around the body of the lock, are probably Whitworth? Note that the lock has a rubber gasket on the outside of the door. So far that's the easy part.

Now you have to reach the two long 7/16" nuts that are in the door top under the quarter window. For these you need to have a long arm from elbow to wrist, and if you also have long fingers you should be able to touch these. You might just get a socket on to these to confirm that they are rusted solid!

You also have to remove the small screws on the chrome trim pyramid to release it from the top door edge. Assuming you have broken off the 4 lower previously mentioned 10-32 bolts on the angle brackets at the bottom of the door (these screws and brackets are not shown in the original parts book or listed in any catalog), you should be able to lift out the window/door frame.

Assembly, as they say, is the reverse of the above procedure. Right!

I have not included the disassembly of the window frame and the quarter light, as this is another exercise of desperation. However, this has to be done if you want to replace the glazing rubber or re-chrome the frames. There are approximately 130 screws in total in two doors, with different diameters and lengths, different threads, and different heads! -- Peter.

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