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On Dec 2, 2017, George Makowski in Konstancin Jeziorna, Mazowieckie, Poland wrote:
"Can any one send me the dimensions of the wooden capping rail which fits on top of the inside of the door? Were these finished in wood or covered in vinyl"?

The interior door capping on the MGA Coupe is a two-piece wood assembly covered with vinyl.

(Photos below from Robert (Bob) Agar in Green Valley, Arizona, USA)

(Photos below from Robert (Bob) Krzywicki in Arlington, VA, USA)

"The bottom offset is the thickness of the door panel and the bottom of the door cap is at the top of the door pull".

(Photos and drawings below from Jim Cheatham in Amelia, VA, USA)
"Here are some pictures of my door caps as I was restoring them. I have an extra pair of door caps that are mostly deteriorated but I may be able to get the dimensions for you. They are two pieces with the top piece being nailed (and probably glued) to the bottom piece".

"The RH door cap is the only one that is in good enough condition to use as a template. If something is not clear or if you need more pictures, let me know".

Below is a drawing of the wood parts, compliments of Jim Cheatham. It doesn't show well in small size, but you can click on the image to get a 1.2-MB pdf file of the full scale drawing. Print it in small size on an office printer, or take the PDF file to a print shop to have it printed full size.

Since the door caps are mirror images of each other, this drawing should be able to be used for both RH and LH door caps. The drawing shows the bottom/back side of the RH door cap. For the LH door cap, the drawing would be of the top/outside except for the relief holes and the dado cut which of course are on the bottom/back side of both RH and LH door caps.

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