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At 09:31 PM 8/14/04 -0400, Steve Demko wrote:
>"The temp needle on my Oil/Temp gauge does not read any lower than about 155 degrees when the engine is cold prior to start up. The gauge does rise and reads about 220 degrees when running and often goes to 230 degrees when going up a hill. I am using a 180 degree thermostat."

Got to be out of calibration.

>"Is there a way to adjust the Temp gauge so that it reads properly?"

Yup. Place the sensor bulb in a vessel of boiling water. Pull the needle off the shaft and put it back on pointing at 212dF or 100dC on the dial face. If you get nervous when it points at 220 when you're driving, pull the needle off and put it back on pointing 20dF lower on the scale. Instant fix for an MG overheating problem.

With a 7 psi pressure cap and 50/50 antifreeze/water mix, you can peg the temp gauge at 230dF without boiling. With a fan shroud it should never go any higher than 220dF in the hottest weather while idling in standing traffic, and should run somewhat cooler for any other driving condition.

Check here for more information on cooling system operation.

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