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Replacing a Control Cable CENTER WIRE 2 -- DT-103C

On 1/4/2016, Ron Bissland wrote:
"Got in the new cable housing and the ID was too large. So I decided to look at mine and see what was wrong. The cable gets stuck about 1/2 way through. So I got out the ultrasonic cleaner and wanted to see it that could bust up the clog. After about 5 minutes all the junk that was stuck in the housing came out. NASTY. The inter cable now slides in perfect. Still have another issues as the cable was broke at some time where it goes into the pull knob control. So I pulled it out and now I have a cable, a housing and a control.

"Now comes the part of putting it back together. I had quite a few ideas but the last one I thought of seemed the best. The housing looked like at one time it was crimped into the control knob piece. I got a drill bit the same size as the cable housing and drilled a little bit further into the control piece, about 1/4 inch more, then ran a drill bit the size of the cable (I think it was 3/32) to make sure the cable slide in easy.

"Now how to connect the housing to the Control piece. Got a piece of left over 1/4 nickel/copper line (from Clutch line to MC). The cable housing fits inside perfectly. Then I used a swagging tool to open the other end. That made it perfect to fit over the control piece.

"Now to solder it all together. Installed the piece I made on to the control piece first. Used a wire brush on the drill to run in and out of the new adapter so it was really clean. So now comes the hard part, soldering the cable housing in. If not careful I could solder it shut and the inter cable would not go in. So I got a 6" piece of aluminum welding wire and inserted in into the control piece so it exited out the end. Then installed the housing into my adapter I made. Solder will not stick to aluminum so I knew I was now safe to solder it all together. Before I soldered it, I used a crimping tool and put a small crimp in the adapter to the housing. It was a pretty tight fit to start with but thought it would be better anyhow. Soldered it all together and it came out perfect. Cleaned up the cable housing and then used clear heat shrink line over top. Used some silicone lube to put it all back together. Came out perfect".

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