The MGA With An Attitude

There were a few different face styles for dash instruments in MGA cars. Just shy of 4000 early 1500 model cars had the early style instrument faces. This changed to the more common face style at car number 14090 in April 1956. The Twin cam cars had a different tachometer that ran to 7500 RPM where others ended at 7000 RPM. The KPH speedometer and Centigrade temperature gauge were used only for export markets that required metric instruments.
Tachometers in three styles
Early MGA 1500 tachometer
Early MGA 1500 (7000)
SI 112 102 00

MGA Twin Cam tachometer
Twin Cam (7500)

Late MGA tachometer
All other MGA (7000)

Speedometers in three styles
Early MGA 1500 MPH speedometer
Early MGA 1500 (120-MPH)
SI 116 104 02   1450

MGA KPH speedometer
Later MGA (200-KPH)

Late MGA MPH speedometer
All other MGA (120-MPH)
SN 6161/06   1450

The last 4 digits after the speedometer model number is Turns Per Mile. Speedometer model and turns per mile would be different for various final drive ratios and tire sizes. There were at least two dozen different speedometer models used in MGA. (See article ST-110).

Safety gauges in three styles
Early MGA 1500 safety gauge
Early 1500 type

Centigrade style safety gauge
Centigrade scale type

Late MGA safety gauge
All others

Fuel gauges in two styles
Early MGA fual gauge
Early 1500 type

Late MGA fual gauge
All others

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