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WOOD GRAIN STEEL Dash Panel -- DT-200A

For those who like the look of a wood dash, but do not like the problems associated with installing one, here is an alternative. How about a standard steel dash panel with a wood grain finish applied?

On August 29, 2013, William Bussler in Montoursville, PA, USA wrote:
"Back in the late eighties the company I worked for was experimenting with a process called Hydrographics. The process floats an ink film on water and when any item is passed through the film into the water the ink is transferred to the part. Any pattern you can dream of seems to be available now. I chose the walnut but could have had an engine turned aluminum or carbon fiber or many other woods. A clear urethane is then applied to protect the film. The benefit of this is you keep your original metal dashboard with all of the original depressions, making grounding and instrument installation easy. This process is now available from many different places and could lead to some pretty interesting dashboards (unless originality is critical to you)".

Henry Miller in Chair City, NC, USA wrote:
"You can do it yourself fairly reasonably. This is the place my friend used to purchase the film and needed products to do his valve cover. He thought it was around $50 for the supplies and enough film to do a couple of projects".
El Paso Powder Coating & Hydrographics - Texas.
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