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At 03:24 PM 6/21/04 -0400, Steve Demko wrote:
>"The speedo is slow to respond when accelerating .... when slowing down the speedo stays put at the top registered speed. If I go in reverse the needle drops to "0". If I disconnect the speedo cable the gauge sometimes drops to "0" .... the square cable does turn ...."

That's a sticky needle shaft. Remove instrument from car. Twist front rim to remove ring and lens. Remove two screws from back to release the works from the case. Tilt the works forward to see behind the face plate. There should be no need to remove the trip odometer reset shaft for this procedure. Locate bearing area for the small shaft in front carrying the speed indicator needle. Apply a few drops of lacquer thinner or alcohol to the shaft and bearing to dissolve oil and dirt. Operate the needle and shaft as necessary until it moves freely and drops back to the peg freely by the light spring force inside. Blow dry. Apply one drop of light machine oil to the shaft at the bearing. Reassemble and reinstall in the car.

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