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SNAP CONNECTOR Count for MGA Cars - ET-101J

Here is a list and total of the snap connectors used in the MGA wiring harness.
#x = single tube - #xx = dual tube - #xxx = triple tube

LOCATION   Qty for 1500    Qty for 1600
Right Front Corner:        
    Ground   1xx   1xx
    Head Light   2xx   2xx
    Parking Light   1xx   1xx
    Turn Signal   1x   1x
Left Front Corner:        
    Ground   1xx   1xx
    Head Light   2x   2x
    Parking Light   1x   1x
    Turn Signal   1x   1x
Fog Lamp at Front   1x *   1x *
Horn at Front   0 **   0 **
Right Rear Corner        
    Ground   1xx   1xxx
    Parking Lights   1xx   1xx
    Turn Signals   2x   2x
    Brake Lights   0   1xx
Left Rear Corner:   none   none
Engine bay near starter switch:        
    Fuel Pump   1x   1x
    Fuel Sender   1x   1x
    Parking Lights   1xx   1xx
    Stop Lamp Switch   2x   1x
    Turn Signals   2x   2xx
Horn Push (behind dash)   1x   1x
Heater Switch (behind dash)   2x   2x
Heater Motor (at heater box)   2x   2x
        TOTAL   19x +8xx   16x +10xx +1xxx
Bullet End

Single Tube

Double Tube

Triple Tube

* For no fog lamp, delete the fog lamp but retain the snap connector on the harness to protect the bullet end. Dual fog lamps requires a relay and additional wiring (insufficient capacity in the small switched wire).
** For dual horns, +2xx
    For no heater (or no fresh air box), delete the heater switch and heater motor but retain the four snap connectors on the harness to protect the bullet ends.

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