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WIRE COLORS Used In The MGA - ET-092

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Color no. Color   Main/Tracer  - Application -
33       Brown Starter switch (main battery cable always hot) to control box "A"; Control box "A" to fuse block "A1"
36       Brown/Blue Control box "A1" to ignition switch input; Ignition switch input to lighting switch "A"
38       Brown/Green Fuse block "A2" to horn(s)
40       Brown/Black Horn to horn switch
25       Yellow Control box "D" to Generator "D" (armature, a.k.a. dynamo) and ignition warning light
29       Yellow/Green   Dynamo 'F' to control box 'F'
9       White Ignition switch to ignition warning lamp and to fuse block "A3" (input); Fuse block "A3" to ignition coil "SW" and to fuel pump (not fused)
14       White/Purple Directional indicator relay "7" to left-rear flasher (1500)
15       White/Brown Directional indicator relay "3" to right-rear flasher (1500)
16       White/Black Ignition coil "CB" to distributor contact breaker
17       Green Fuse block "A4" to wiper motor "2", flasher unit "B", brake light switch, and to petrol gauge "B"; Petrol gauge "B" to heater switch and to directional indicator switch "F" (1500)
18       Green/Red Directional indicator relay "6" to left-front flasher lamp (1500); Directional indicator switch "R" to left side flasher lamps (1600)
19       Green/Yellow Directional indicator switch "L" to directional indicator relay "4" (1500)
20       Green/Blue Directional indicator switch "R" to directional indicator relay "8" (1500)
21       Green/White Directional indicator relay "2" to right-front flasher lamp (1500); Directional indicator switch "L" to right side flasher lamps (1600)
22       Green/Purple Stop lamp switch to directional indicator relay "5" (1500) or to stop lamps (1600)
23       Green/Brown Heater switch to heater motor; Flasher unit "L" to turn signal relay "1" (1500) or to directional indicator switch "F" (1600)
24       Green/Black Petrol gauge "T" to Petrol tank unit
66       Light Green Flasher unit "P" to flasher warning light (Pilot lamp)
41       Red Lighting switch "S1" to front side lamps, tail lamps, number plate lamp, fog lamp switch, panel lamp rheostat, and map lamp switch. Also map lamp switch to map lamp.
42       Red/Yellow Fog lamp switch to fog lamp
44       Red/White Panel lamp rheostat to panel lamps (originally four)
1       Blue Lighting switch "S2" to dipper switch "1"
2       Blue/Red Dipper switch "2" to headlamp dip beam
4       Blue/White Dipper switch "4" to headlamp main beam and to main beam warning lamp
62       Black/Green Screen wiper motor "1" to screen wiper switch
57       Black All earth connections

All heavy current battery and starter cables were originally Black. It is common for aftermarket battery cables to be either Black or Red. Do not be fooled by a Red battery cable, as it could be connected to either Positive or Negative post of the battery. Check on the battery itself for either "+" or "-" markings near the terminal posts. The terminal which is connected to the chassis of the car is the Earth connection.

All MGA were originally positive earth. Many have been converted to negative earth for easy use of an alternator other modern electronic gadgets.

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