The MGA With An Attitude
A New One Falls Apart

Here is another replacement lighting switch that worked originally, then fell apart.

On 02 June 2013, Edward Wesson in Georgia, USA wrote:
"I have only had the MGA a few weeks. I decided to test the lights. Not only did they not come on, but the switch fell apart. The plunger came right out of the dash! Looking at the switch and plunger, it was very obvious that they were new parts, still all nice and clean and shiny. Looking at the end of the plunger, I could see that the peened-over end had just disintegrated. Sad that someone spent good money on such a POS!
Light switch rear
In the center, you will see that the end of the shaft is peened over. That's where mine broke away, and the shaft came out of the cylinder. How I repaired it, was to silver braze a 6-32 screw into the hole, where the shaft was peened before, and then used the original fiber washer, along with another nylon, and then metal washer, stacked, and finally a lock nut.
Light switch rear
On the second angle, you can also see that the three posts are held onto the plastic by folding the ends over. I had to remove two of the posts to get the barrel connector out, then drill and tap the ends (3mm .50), for small screws to reassemble".

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