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The first recommendation is in. I have one report of a more expensive switch from Ron Fancis that is supposed to be good. This one has non-standard connection terminals, so you need the special connector to match. Reports say the required connector is supplied with the switch. I'm not keen on the idea of a plastic connector in the hot engine bay area, especially a non-original part. My first question is, what can you do for a replacement if the plastic connector might fail? I do not immediately find a part number for the connector. This one is advertised as switching at low pressure, 20-50 psi (not yet verified), where others might require 60-120 psi for switching. I don't know yet what is normal for switching pressure, but will have more discussion of this issue later. See here:

On 20 Feb 2012, Frank Camilleri in Malta wrote:
"The wire connector comes with the switch. It is made of a plastic slide-on insulator and two special brass sliding female wire connectors. I attached two short pieces of wire, one to each brass connector, then they slide inside the plastic insulator and click in place. On the other end of the two wires I fitted two ordinary insulated male slide connectors. The plastic connector then slides onto the switch connections, while the other two ordinary slide connectors were connected to the two existing female connectors which were already on the ends of the two wires coming out of the loom". -- Frank

The original wiring harness has bare wire ends for these connections. Since the new brass terminal contacts are separate as received, you should assemble these directly on the original harness wires to avoid additional and redundant connectors.

On 20 Feb 2012, Bob Wrenn in Florida, USA, wrote:
"I have been running one of Ron Francis switches for over two years with no problems".

On 22 Feb 2012, Steve S in California, USA, wrote:
"I've used a couple SW-32 switches. One recently went bad but it did last several years of daily use".

On 21 Feb 2012, John Backman in Washington, USA, wrote:
"I purchased a SLS273 made by Standard Motor Products. The box said made in the USA. It has a body similar in shape to the Ron Francis SW-32 switch, but uses the original type screw terminals. I hooked up the SLS273 to my compressor and slowly increased pressure. The SLS273 switch reliably closed and opened at an 80 lbs. threshold".

SLS27T (with peg terminals).
My The Standard Motor Products switch failed today at 8 weeks, 4710 miles.
Barney Gaylord - November 22, 2014

On 24 Feb 2012, A Baran in Connecticut, USA, wrote:
"I have been going through a brake light switch every season. I have gone through the Moss switches, the Harley switches, and finally the Ron Francis switch. When I cut them open to see what caused the failure, it is always the contact points are burned. I talked to Ron about this and he suggested to adapt his mechanical switch to the pedal assembly and be done with it. That's what I'm doing right now".

On 24 Feb 2012, Andy Bounsall in Ontario, Canada, wrote:
"I've replaced my brake switch twice in the past 5 years. Both times with an Echlin switch from NAPA. The first one lasted for 1-1/2 seasons. The most recent one has already lasted more than twice as long. Was I unlucky the first time or lucky the second time"?

On 7/4/2013, David Grahame wrote:
"Details below of "Failed" switch from Ron Francis.
It was installed 30 March 2012 and seemed to work perfectly last year with very light pedal pressure required. Found this year that it had to be pressed very very hard to get it to work. i.e. useless in traffic".

On 7/29/2014, Barney Gaylord wrote:
Just failed a NAPA Echlin switch that lasted a few years with good service, then failed instantly with no connection regardless of pedal force. The replacement today is S550 by BWD (Borg Warner) from Advance Auto Parts. I don't know the operating pressure, but it works with one finger on the brake pedal. If it ever fails I will let you know.
Addendum September 26, 2014:
!!!! Well that didn't take long. The BWD (Borg Warner) switch failed at 8 weeks, 5346 miles. Just installed one from Standard Motor Products, SLS27T (M14168 with push-post terminals, made in Mexico), procured from a NAPA store.

Addendum November 24, 2014:
Bought a pressure switch from Harley Davidson.
On the switch
is stamped:

On the wapper is printed:
    CT: 416A1
    MYI 2012
    AMT: 1   Made In USA

It is a cute little switch that will hide behind my index finger. About $20-USD.

Addendum June 3, 2015: --- JUNK.
Installed April 1, 2015. --- Failed June 2, 2015 after 8074 miles.

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