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ELECTRIC MGA Conversion Cars - ET-300

Being the 21st century, this may be inevitable that there will eventually be some electric MGA's. But in fact there have been electric cars since the late 1800's, so it's not like we haven't had the technology to do this. While they fell out of favor for a while, there have been some fledgling efforts to convert some non-electric cars to electric motors on a one-off basis, which you can view mostly as hobby projects with not much practical benefit to society. There have been some electric vehicles for specialty niches, golf carts, in-factory service vehicles, urban delivery vehicles, all of which had not much application to long distance road travel. Reason being low power density of batteries. But now we have Lithium-Ion batteries with much higher storage capacity suitable for longer driving range of electric vehicles, and there are prospects of even higher power density for batteries in the not-so-distance future. Like magic, electric vehicles are suddenly more practical, and once again kicking up in demand.

Unfortunately, MGA are sort of a past science. While there will be some more one-off electric conversions, any new "MGA" to be produced in large enough quantity to be affordable to the common consumer would be all new modern technology where the only common connection might be a few rough body styling ques (retro styling of a new car). So, in the following pages you may enjoy reading about some one-off conversions, and how it is done, in case you might be interested in doing one of your own. And you may find some commercial "creations" that begin with restoration of an original MGA body shell, possibly using much of the original MGA frame, followed by installation of the electric drive train, and maybe some suspension upgrades. These will certainly NOT conform to modern highway safety standards, but they might be custom tailored to the customer's personal requests (assuming you have enough money to pay for the relatively expensive custom built cars).

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