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STARTER SWITCHES, Bad and Good - SS-105

Sometimes cheap is not such a good deal

On 26 March 2010, Lindsay Sampford in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, wrote:
"My original starter switch, probably the one that left the factory with the car, was working OK but the rubber insulators on the terminals were decomposing and allowing the terminals to move about a bit. I was worried that they might move enough to short out on the casing and cause a fire, so I decided to change the switch. I went for one of the starter switches that turn up on eBay for about 19, see image. The first one I received started the car three times before it packed up altogether! The vendor sent me a replacement without any fuss, but although it worked, it wan't very convincing in the way it worked, if you get what I mean. It took a good hard pull to get the starter to turn with enough oomph to start the engine. Although the thing has worked for a year it has got steadily worse, and it has been a real struggle to get the car to start at all on the colder days.

So I have replaced the stater switch again, this time for one that looks more like the original. It has the same rubber insulators as the original switch, seems much more robust and starts the car in a very business-like fashion. At around 25 inc. vat. it cost a bit more than the nylon based version, but well worth it. The cheapest one I was able to find came from Vintage Supplies in the UK -- Part No. 945

Applications: MGTD, MGTF, MGA, AH Sprite MKI-II, MG Midget MK-I, Austin A30 A40 A50 A55. Metroplitan, Morris Minor (to 1964)
Also some models of Jaguar, Hillman, Singer, Allard, Triumph, Nuffielf tractor.

BMC 3H949 Unipart 3H949 Lucas type ST19 76423A Moss Motors USA 145-800 Victoria British 8-574 Vintage Supplies 945 Ford ET6-11450-B - 300E 5cwt & 7cwt Van (1954-1961) - 100E Escort & Squire (1955-1961) - 100E Prefect (1953 - 1962)

For disection of a faulty starter switch, see article FT-004

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