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STARTER MOTOR Repair #2 - SS-112

On 12/12/2016, Ron Bissland wrote:
"I picked up a C39 22265K starter off the internet in hopes it was repairable. This was a 4/56 built unit so it matches my car. When I got it and hooked it up to a battery it did not work. After taking it apart I noticed the same thing my orginial started had, a burned out CE Brush end bracket. I found one on the internet sometime ago and had my first starter repaired but the piece was $$$$. So I have decided to repair it my self.

 generator repair  generator repair After buying a few different things I found some items that would work. I removed the bracket that holds the brush in place. Then noticed the arc had melted a bit of the aluminium housing. That I fixed with Lab Metal.
 generator repair
 generator repair
Then I got a 1/4 OD x 1/8 ID x 1/4 height nylon spacer (from Menards Hardware Store). And a 5/16 x 1/8" fiber washer (Menards). Then got 1/8" X 1/2" Rivet. I had a sheet of phenolic board (insulator board) that is 1/16" think.

I cut a piece of the board so it fits under the brush holder bracket, then inserted the 1/4" spacer in the hole in the cover. Then put the fiber washer over the rivet, pushed the rivet through the hole, so it comes out the other end through the brush holder. Put a 1/8" rivet washer on the back side, and pop riveted it all together.
 generator repair  generator repair  generator repair
 generator repair
Did the same with the other side. Added some new brushes, put it all back together, and it now works perfect. Need to go back to Menards and get some more spacers and fiber washers. Parts equal about $6.00 including new brushes.

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