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Here we have a couple of pictures of the dash with the new delay time remote control installed, just to the right of the original wiper switch. (Yes, I bit the bullet and drilled the hole in the dash). For a right hand drive MGA this may not be such a convenient location, as it may be snuggled up very close to the tachometer. And if you have a radio in your car it may be a bit more difficult access for wiring at this location.
MGA intermittent wiper control unit
As matter of appearance, it strikes me that the bright plate in the center of the new knob looks a little odd on the dash with otherwise all black knobs (but then I don't like chrome under the bonnet either). If I was significantly concerned with appearances (which I am not), I might go shopping Radio Shack for an all black knob. I also had a momentary thought of using a knob from the panel lamp dimmer control which is already marked with a rotational arrow and "P", and maybe trying to change the "P" to a "D" for Delay. Or just leave it as a "P" and convince myself that it means Pulse. Or there is also the map lamp switch knob that is blank to begin with and could be marked with "D" or "DELAY" (or anything else you like, or nothing at all). There is also the problem of drilling it out from a 1/4" hex to a 1/4" round hole to fit the new control shaft, possibly fitting a set screw, and possibly shortening the shank of the knob a bit. All very entertaining thoughts, but I suppose I will never get around to it.
MGA intermittent wiper control unit
One important feature to note here is the close proximity of the ignition switch, wiper switch, remote control device, and the fuel gauge. This comes to bear nicely when it's time to do the new wiring hookups, especially if you choose to hide most of the wiring connections behind the dash (as I did). Those with an astute eye will notice that the gauges have been swapped around in my car, because I prefer to have the safety gauge and the tachometer in a single glance. Otherwise the tachometer is originally to the left of the speedometer, and the fuel gauge is originally to the left of the safety gauge. This is of little significance for this new installation, because the one wire that I attach to the back of the fuel gauge for a power connection will be about the same length regardless of where the gauges are located.

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